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How To Get Money Fast And Safe? These 7 Ways to Help You

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At certain moments in life, we are often faced with situations where we need an urgent loan. Maybe this condition can occur because of previously used emergency funds, urgent home renovations, sick family members, or other urgent needs.

It’s natural that we have an emergency fund, but if these urgent conditions occur successively, it’s certainly very common for you to need an urgent loan.

To help with this situation, consider some of the things you can do in a situation where you need an urgent loan.

How To Get Money Fast And Safe?

For those of you who need money, never do anything that is unpleasant and violates the law. Many people will help you meet your financial needs.

Things you can do when you need an urgent loan

Here are some things that will allow you to do in a situation where you need an urgent loan:

Borrow money from family or relatives

When you need an urgent money loan, the first thing you can try to do is seek help from your family or closest relatives. Do it in the politest and nicest way possible and give honest and logical reasons.

Even if you borrow funds from family or relatives who are the people closest to you, do this process as if you were borrowing from an official institution. This professionalism is necessary to prevent negative impacts on family relationships in the future.

How To Get Money Fast And Safe

In a situation where you need an urgent money loan and ask for help from your family, friends immediately give a later return date and communicate if there are problems paying off debts.

Pawn assets or goods

The second thing you can do when you need an urgent loan is to mortgage your assets or goods. This method helps you when you need an urgent money loan but don’t lose your assets or goods. To ensure security, do this mortgage at an official institution.

Usually, items that can be pawned when you need an urgent loan are jewelry, diamonds, gold bars, electronic goods, or vehicle BPKBs. Submission at official institutions is also fairly fast, so this method is quite effective and easy when you need an urgent loan.

Pawn assets or goods

The next method is the most common method that many people usually do when they need an urgent money loan; namely applying for a bank loan of a certain amount of funds.

You can apply when you need an urgent money loan by utilizing credit card services, guaranteed credit or unsecured loans (KTA), which are usually owned by every bank. You can adjust this type of service because some loan services from banks require quite a long time and process.

Apply for money loans through fintech services

Fintech services or online loans that are currently popular can be an option when you need an urgent loan.

But in general, you have to be observant and wise in choosing the right online loan service even in conditions of needing fast funds. Because currently there are many rogue online loan services that often provide fast funds but with suffocating interest and unreasonable late fees.

Tips for making secure online loans

If you are going to make an online loan in a situation where you need an urgent money loan, do the following so you don’t add to the problem later:

Understand the concept of the ability to pay

In a situation where you need an urgent money loan, you still need to know the safe limit for paying off debt or installments every month.

Many financial planners provide advice if the safe limit for paying debts or monthly installments is 30% of the total income you receive each month. So if later the installments or installments that must be paid every month are more than 30%, it is highly not recommended to make money loans online.

Make sure the online loan is registered with the OJK

This second way of borrowing money online is mandatory for you to see the background of the online loan service or the loan you will choose.

You have to make sure your business license comes from the Financial Services Authority or OJK. So this is a guarantee that all of their business processes have been verified and are under OJK supervision. This section should not be missed even if you are in a situation where you need an urgent loan.

If the background is unclear, don’t make online loans there or you risk experiencing adverse credit policies such as unreasonably high-interest rates or late fees.

Understand carefully the terms and conditions

Because in a situation where you need an urgent loan, this is often ignored by customers so it becomes a conflict when the process is underway.

Understand each of the conditions provided one by one so that it does not hinder the subsequent payment process.

Understand payment schemes and surcharges

Online lenders must provide fees, interest rates, and terms transparently from the start. Of course, this is to make it easier for clients to calculate debt repayments later.

Therefore, as a client, you must pay close attention to each detail that is provided and on what date you must pay the installments. Do it in detail and stay calm even if the situation is in the midst of an urgent need for a loan.

Ensuring that online loan services have customer service

Online loan services that are official and have been recognized by the OJK certainly have consumer services that are easily accessible to the public. So, of course, the next way to borrow money online is that you have to make sure that there is customer service for the choice of loan services that you choose.

This customer service is certainly useful to answer questions, complaints, and suggestions about loan services. Especially if on the way a friend experiences difficulties during transactions, there are tools to solve the problem.

One of the most reliable and guaranteed loan services, when a friend needs an urgent money loan, is to take advantage of Adira Finance’s multipurpose line of credit. This Multi-Purpose Credit Facility will make it easier for Friends to obtain loan funds for Travel/Tourism Costs, Education/Course/Training Costs, Health Costs, Home Renovation Costs, and Costs (celebrations, circumcision, births, etc. ).

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