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2 The Best Type of Investment in Indonesia That is Profitable

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Type of Investment – The economic situation will probably improve soon in this new normal era. Even though it will return gradually, this is the right moment to reorganize your investment steps.

Then, investing in the new normal era is different from before? The options may be the same, what distinguishes it is the suitability of the investment product with the new condition in the new normal.

Gold savings allows you to save and invest simultaneously. Unlike gold installments or financing, through gold savings you don’t need to pay a down payment at the beginning.

Therefore, instead of spending your money on spending, it is better to allocate it to saving and investing, which can help you get something more valuable than what you can buy today.

The Best Type of Investment

So, what types of investments can you choose?

Choose Gold Bars for Long-Term Investment Types

Before entering the new normal era, gold prices continued to increase. This is due to the large number of people turning to buy gold. They did this to avoid and anticipate the economic situation that could worsen at any time due to the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Now, today’s gold price (9/6/20) is at the level of IDR 875,000 per gram, a decrease of IDR 1,000 compared to the previous day. Today’s gold price, although still high, has decreased compared to the gold price of the previous month.

Type of Investment
Type of investing | Photo: Pixabay

In April, the price of gold had reached a new record, namely Rp944,000 per gram (3/4/20). The price of gold has continued to fluctuate to this day at Rp. 800 thousand.

The numbers may still go up and down. However, given the amount of good news and expectations of improving economic conditions, the demand for gold could decline. This will cause the price of gold to fall back from the previous level.

Even so, the financial planner, Eko Endarto from Finansia Consulting, quoted from tempo.com, said that the choice of gold bullion as an investment is still quite good.

This is because macro conditions are still problematic and people still need safe haven products. Therefore, he advised people not to sell out their gold because after all, in a problematic situation, people still need gold.

Can Choose High Risk Investments

Whereas previously people avoided high-risk investment types, now people can start to choose back the high-risk investment products they want.

High-risk investment products are indeed a type of investment that is profitable because they usually provide returns of great value. However, like the size of the benefits, the risks that threaten are not small.

Therefore, in times of crisis and economic uncertainty, most people will avoid this type of investment. So, now you can start investing in high-risk products like the two examples below.


Still, according to Eko Endarto, business activities that are starting to return to normal will provide an economic boost or at least growth that will affect investment products.

In this situation, he said, people could start investing again in various types of high-risk investments, such as stocks.

However, according to him, the investment transition from low-risk instruments to high-risk instruments must be carried out gradually and must also pay attention to the current situation.

In line with this, many stocks became the choice of investors at the beginning of this month. Quoted from cnbcindonesia.com, the Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) in the period 20-29 May 2020 rose by 207.66 points or 4.57%. Meanwhile, trading on Tuesday (2/6/20) experienced a jump of 93.89 points or nearly 2%.

Reksa Dana

Reksa Dana is also a type of investment that carries a high risk. However, that doesn’t mean everything. Reksa Dana has a variety of asset classes with different levels of risk, ranging from conservative to aggressive.

Therefore, Reksa Dana is suitable for those of you who are beginners in the investment field. You can customize your choice of investment instruments according to your risk profile and investment needs.

For low-risk Reksa Dana, you can try money market Reksa Dana which is also liquid or can be withdrawn at any time. Reksa Dana is also a type of short term investment.

In addition, because it is liquid, it can be a place for you to save emergency funds. During this pandemic and the new normal, you must keep collecting emergency funds and disbursing wherever possible.

Then, there are also fixed income Reksa Dana and equity funds with a high level of risk. High risk can bring big losses, but if done in the right steps can generate big profits too.

Good investment and recommended to be made. But keep in mind before starting, make sure you have met your daily needs, especially during this transition and new normal period.

Do not let you invest, but have problems with daily expenses. Besides, the new normal didn’t mean that the situation was completely normal. No one can be sure that the new normal will succeed or fail.

So you need to be alert if things get worse by taking careful investment steps.

That is the explanation of the types of investment in Indonesia if you want to ask, please fill in the comments column.

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