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Tips for Choosing Property Insurance (Hippo Insurance)

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Tips for Choosing Property Insurance (Hippo Insurance) – Property Insurance is Hippo Insurance that aims to protect our assets such as houses, shophouses, apartments, warehouses, and other buildings. Sometimes, we don’t know that there is Hippo Insurance for the property.

Property Insurance is a type of insurance that is suitable for providing protection for the Customer’s Property Assets, Commonly used for High-rise Buildings, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Shophouses, Offices, Residential Houses, Apartments, Showrooms, Shophouses, along with all the contents of the assets owned by the customer, the nature of these assets is permanent and does not move around. This type of insurance is used by all large, medium, and small-scale industries.

The guarantee given to Property All Risks Insurance is the same as the type of fire insurance but the scope is wider than that, therefore the basis for determining the premium and guarantee rates refer to the standard fire insurance rates set by the American Financial Services Authority.

Having insurance means having protection from financial risks that may occur in the future. Insurance protection is one of the important points that must be owned to make a sound financial plan.

Tips for Choosing Property Insurance

Apart from providing peace of mind, insurance provides guarantees in the future for the protection of yourself and your assets. Insurance is not only about health, but also other insurance as needed, starting from education, vehicles, to property.

There is no doubt that insurance is a term that is often heard. However, property insurance may still be foreign to some people, so not many home, building, or building owners use this type of insurance. Property insurance is a type of protection or protection for property assets such as houses, apartments, and offices.

Tips for Choosing Property Insurance Hippo Insurance

Tirto Utomo as Business Director of Qoala Plus stated “Like insurance in general, the main purpose of using property insurance is to anticipate financial losses due to unwanted events that befall the property.

So, having property insurance is mandatory as long as the product is still available. The one you choose should suit your needs and goals.”

Property insurance provides protection against losses arising from natural disasters or human actions such as fire and theft. The insurance company will bear all forms of risk caused by some of these problems.

On the other hand, having maximum protection from property insurance makes property owners feel calmer and more comfortable. Even if you don’t have sufficient funds, problems that arise after a risk such as a fire occurs are no longer a burden and do not affect your financial condition.

For those of you who are interested in insuring Hippokan property, here are some tips on choosing Hippo property insurance.

Find Out Our Property Prices

When you are going to buy Hippo Insurance property, you will be asked to fill in the price column of your asset. How much is your house worth, how many things are in it, and so on? So before buying Hippo Insurance, make sure you know the price.

Find a Trusted Hippo Property Insurance Company

The second stage is to find a company that sells. Try to find a trusted and experienced company. Regarding premium prices, the Hippo Property Insurance industry has standardized prices (usually in intervals). My financial advice company is credible and trustworthy. There is nothing wrong with asking a friend or co-worker who has already purchased Hippo Insurance property.

Ask about Scope and Extensibility

The third stage is to ask the company: what is covered and what is not covered. What could be the expansion? Make sure you know the details. Did you know that not all fires will be reimbursed by the Hippo Insurance company? Examples of fires deliberately carried out by property owners and so on.

Find out the Claim Process

When you buy Hippo Insurance property, don’t forget to ask how to claim it. What documents must be prepared when making a claim? Where should you go to process a claim? Etc.

Consult your needs

If you are unsure of the right decision to buy Hippo Insurance, you should consult a realtor. The realtors of Hippo Insurance properties have AAAIK certification.

The important thing to know is that property insurance agents and home agents are different. Hippo Insurance agents sell property Hippo Insurance products to protect the home. Real estate agents sell houses or find people to rent houses.

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