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Tips On Selling Used Cars So They Sell Quickly Within 12 Hours

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Tips On Selling Used Cars – Currently, the competition in the automotive industry especially the four wheels are very strict. Therefore, it requires the right ways to win the competition.

Car Marketing is targeted every month, it causes competition between marketing in one office. In sales required experience, therefore learning and reading are indispensable, high flying hours will help the marketing to more convincing customers.

The main capital as a car marketing is primarily a passion and willing to keep learning. Don’t be afraid to try new ways to introduce the products on offer and keep trying.

The thing that is most in the care of all marketing cars is lost order, because marketing has lost time, effort, and thought. Moreover for new marketing will make down, on the other hand, it will give a valuable lesson for the continuation of a marketing career.

Tips On Selling Used Cars

The thing to note in car sales is to start from yourself. Things to note are the appearance, way of speech, the weight of the conversation, and the way you closing the customer.

Convincing appearance is indispensable. Because when customers want to give DP as a sign so the customer must be assured to a marketing.

Tips On Selling Used Cars
Tips on selling a used car | Photo: Pixabay

Because according to my experience a valid DP and can enter the SPK ranges from 5-10 million. The convincing appearance here is how to dress, a marketing must familiarize themselves with bright colors such as white color, light blue and others.

When wearing patterned clothes choose a pattern that is not too complicated. Avoid excessive accessories, such as for men wearing enough watches and rings, and make the appearance look neat and clean.

Product knowledge is also very important so that customers are confident of the product that will be offered. We recommend that marketing four wheels can also drive the car so if there is a new product that the launching can try it and tell the prospective customers.

Now go to the discussion of prospects. Prospective buyers we usually call with prospects. Prospects should be in search as many. We should not be picky whether it is potential or not.

All prospects could potentially be a SPK. Prospects are usually obtained from friends, relatives, or acquaintances. Prospects can also be sought from kanvasing, exhibitions, advertisements or incoming calls from the office.

For new marketing It is a good idea that we enter and work as an automotive marketing immediately inform your friends, relatives, relatives or anyone you know, but do not force them to buy, just inform you that you Work as a car marketing, because they are long term prospects or low prospects.

Usually car dealers often also hold events or exhibitions. Usually in malls or showroom events, usually prospects gained from this way are prospects who have a great potential to buy or called hot prospects.

Because prospective buyers who have taken the time to come to the exhibition there is usually an intention to buy.

With the exhibit will be able to distinguish which ones purchase intent or still look-see. Special features of customers who are likely to buy are those who come to the exhibition with his family.

Because when one family comes together similarly it will be easy for them to decide on a purchase. The most excellent prospect at the exhibit is at the opening of the exhibition or at the close of the exhibit. So if you can keep the exhibition early and come home the very end.

5 Types of Used Cars That Are Difficult to Sell

For most Indonesians, cars are now a necessity. Not only in big cities, in areas far from the city center, such as rural areas, but cars can also be easily found. Apart from being a function of transportation, this one object is also often used to increase prestige. Moreover, to get a good car we don’t need to spend a lot of money.

An alternative that can be chosen for those of you who want to have a good quality car but with a minimal budget is to buy a used car. However, before choosing one type of brand, it’s good to consider the following things so that later you don’t lose, because there are several types of used cars that are difficult to resell.


Brand is a factor that really determines the behavior of a car in the market. In Indonesia, the best-selling brands are cars made in Japan and Germany, such as Daihatsu, Toyota, Suzuki, Honda and Mercedes Benz. Meanwhile, cars made in China are considered more difficult to sell because of their maintenance and spare parts that are hard to find.

Car brands that are quite difficult to sell include: Ford Ecosport, Ford Fiesta, Mazda CX-7, Chevrolet Captiva, Subaru Forester, Nissan X-Trail, Honda Civic, Ford Ranger, and Chevrolet Spin.

Low Resale Value

Resale value or the price of goods when resold can also be the reason a used car is selling or not on the market. Usually this is due to the initial price of the car. European-made cars generally sell for a high price, but have a low resale value when resold. This factor is what makes certain brands devoid of enthusiasts.

Wasteful Fuel Use

Fuel consumption also determines whether a car sells on the market or not. Usually the bigger the cc, the more wasteful the fuel consumption. This is natural because a large cc will greatly support the performance and engine of the car when used. Conversely, the smaller the cc, the more efficient the fuel used. However, the engine is also getting more and more finicky.

However, it seems that people prefer small cc cars. No problem often going back and forth to the workshop, as long as it can be saved. Well, this European-made car uses a high-cc engine compared to that made in Japan. Well, you already know why on the streets there are more cars made in Sakura Country than those from the Blue Continent, right?

Total Mileage Exceeded the Limit

Mileage is also one of the considerations in buying a used car. The mileage calculation is adjusted to the length of time you use the car. Pay attention to the following points if you want to resell a car at a high price:

Age 1 to 3 years> maximum distance of 10,000 km
Service life more than 5 years> maximum distance of 60,000 to 100,000 km

Letter Incompleteness

The more complete the vehicle documents for a car, the higher the selling price. Before reselling your favorite car, make sure all documents are complete, such as BPKB, STNK, vehicle tax documents, vehicle insurance documents, purchase notes, service notes, and so on.

Those are some tips on Selling Used Cars to Sell Fast, I hope this article can help you especially beginners in doing business.

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