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4 How to Claim Car Insurance Easy And Fast

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Knowing how to claim car insurance is important. Because if you are a car owner, the risk of an accident can come at any time. And in the event of an accident, you will definitely have to deal with the insurance company.

There are many advantages if you equip your favorite car with vehicle insurance. Such as freeing yourself from additional costs that must be incurred when there is damage to the car because it will be covered by insurance.

In addition, there is also the option of extending insurance coverage that includes third parties. This option serves to guarantee the loss of the third party involved in the accident.

There is also an insurance extension that guarantees if the car is flooded. This insurance applies if you do an expansion.

How to Claim Car Insurance Easy And Fast

Because vehicle insurance will be very helpful when your car is damaged in an accident or lost or stolen.
It’s just that after registering there are still many who don’t know how to claim car insurance correctly.

Of course, every company has different regulations. However, there are still standard steps you can take if you want to claim. Here’s the discussion. Steps to Take When Claiming Car Insurance.

4 How to Claim Car Insurance Easy And Fast

You can learn how to make the correct insurance claim so that car damage can be covered by the insurance provider. Here are the tips:

  1. Immediately Contact Car Insurance

The first step is to report the incident of loss or accident to the insurance branch closest to the location of the incident, even some insurance companies have implemented an online reporting system.

Reporting is the most important step because the sooner you file, the easier it will be to file a car insurance claim.

Therefore, be sure to report it no later than 3 days after the incident. Reporting can also be easily done directly in some official workshops.

  1. Prepare Proof of Accident or Loss

The next way to claim car insurance is to prepare a proof of damage or loss of the vehicle. This move would be proof that it wasn’t something that was planned.

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If your car is damaged, then the evidence that can be prepared can be a photo of the damaged body panel. Meanwhile, if it is lost, the evidence that can be prepared is in the form of CCTV footage if any.

  1. Explain the chronology in full and in detail

The clearer and more detailed chronological events you describe, the easier the insurance claim process will be. Make sure you answer questions calmly and uncomplicated so that they are easy to understand.

  1. Complete the Car Insurance Claim Requirements

The next way to claim car insurance is to prepare vehicle document data, such as vehicle registration and driver’s license, as well as a valid vehicle insurance policy.

Make sure all the letters are still valid at the time of the incident because if the letter is ‘dead’, then the insurance claim can be rejected.

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