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2 Tips Google Business Optimization Can Increase Sales Online

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Google Business Optimization Can Increase Sales Online – Selling in the digital era as it is today, you have to be very good at managing the tools used as promotional materials for your business.

Because the benefits of digital marketing also have many advantages besides an abundant audience and being able to reach all groups easily.

So how do you get the most out of Google Business? Especially now that almost everyone is looking for something new via the internet.

Google Business Optimization Can Increase Sales

To get the number of customers for free and easy to do is to optimize Google My Business. So, here are some ways to optimize Google My Business:

How to Optimize Google My Business

Verification List

A listing is a place or homepage where you can place a photo of your shop within Google Business. So, before tidying up your listing, it’s a good idea to get a product listing verification sign first so that clients are sure of the quality & products offered.

Complete Business Information

To get optimization for your Google My Business listing, you must complete all business information. The more attractive your listing is, the easier it will be for customers to find your business.

Perform Maintenance

You have verified and completed the business information, then you will monitor the performance of your listing so that you are not out of competition. You can use the features provided by Google to keep listings up to date.

Update Posts Regularly

You can post photos on your business listing daily or periodically to keep your business listing informed

Accurate Location

Listing an accurate location on Google can help customers find your business location. What’s more, Google plays a role in determining which profiles should be shown to users. The location also determines who looks for place recommendations even if you’re not in the location.

Easy to Remember Business Name

The way Google My Business and search engines work is almost the same, they always look for business profiles and display them to users and then proceed with reviews, reviews, and ratings.

Google Business Optimization Can Increase Sales Online
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Of course, Google My Business search is not as complicated as other search engines. And the most important thing is to enter keywords & product categories so that they are easy to find.

How to Create Google My Business

Go to the Google My Business Site

Open a browser or the official Google My Business website at www.google.com/Business/ then select login in the right corner and use a Google account then enter a business name.

Enter a Business Address

After completing your business address, you will be asked to place a location marker on Google Maps so consumers can visit your business location.

But if your business doesn’t have a physical location yet, you can enter a service area

Enter Business Category

Choose a business category that fits your business. For example, managing a clothing store, then selecting a fashion category. Listing categories on Google My Business makes it easier for consumers to find your business.

Contact Details

Make sure you enter the Contact details shown to the customer. Contact data should use a telephone number or cellphone that can be contacted. Enter the registered business website URL. If your business still doesn’t have a website, Google also provides a service.

Select Verification Options

To prevent irresponsible parties from misusing business-related information, you will be asked for verification. Google My Business verification is quite easy, it’s just that you have to fill in the information completely and correctly.

Fill in the recipient’s name after that click Send Postcard in the verification option. Wait for a letter from Google to the address you entered. And make sure you fill in the information correctly because the information written cannot be changed anymore.

So what if the information listed is incorrect, you can edit it before verifying by going to Menu and clicking Manage Locations in Google My Business.

Google My Business Verification

After getting a letter from Google, the next step is to enter the verification code that you can find in the letter. Open your Google My Business account then select the location verification menu.

Edit Google My Business

You can complete, and edit additional information about the business after the verification process. Information that you can add includes business descriptions, photos, hours of operation, facilities, and menus.

As easy and trivial as it sounds, successful digital marketing cannot be achieved overnight. In fact, you also need a good strategy and the right promotional media in order to target effective target buyers.

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