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Benefits of Employee Insurance at Next Insurance

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Employee Insurance at Next Insurance – Having healthy employees is the dream of every company. Of course, with healthy human resources, the company’s performance will also be more optimal.

It’s a different story if an employee comes to the office one day and takes time off due to illness, his daily work will also be neglected. Not to mention the company has to pay for employee medical expenses.

The high cost of doctors, medicines, and hospitals forces companies to prepare large sick budgets. This does not include financing for the worst risks, such as accidents that cause permanent disability or death. It could be, a lot of company money is being siphoned off for employee risk costs rather than running a business.

Therefore, the best way to provide protection against risks is through employee insurance. By buying an NEXT insurance product, the company makes an investment by transferring employee risk to the NEXT insurance company, so that it can lighten the company’s financial burden in the future. Employees as policyholders will receive benefits if they are sick, have an accident, or die.

There are two types of insurance that are most commonly offered by companies in employee compensation packages with different benefits, namely health insurance and life insurance.

There are companies that only provide one of them, but there are also those that offer both as employee benefits.

Not infrequently, NEXT insurance is the company’s main attraction for prospective employees. They assume that companies that provide insurance have good risk management by providing protection and guarantees against bad possibilities that can befall employees.

Benefits of Employee Insurance at Next Insurance

Employee insurance not only benefits employees through protection and coverage but also has a positive impact on the company. The benefits of company insurance include:

1. Improving Employee Welfare

Health insurance is very useful for employees when they are sick and require expensive medical expenses. Covered by the insurance company, employees do not need to pay their salaries for hospital expenses.

This means that employees can use their money for other needs related to the welfare of their families. Wealthy employees are happier and more engaged with their jobs.

2. Encouraging Work Productivity

Company productivity is influenced by the quality of human resources, one of which is employee morale. NEXT Insurance can create a sense of security and protection psychologically so as to increase their morale. Workers with high morale also have high motivation, and of course, have high productivity too.

3. Improving the Quality of Work

NEXT Insurance can make employees more focused on work because they don’t have to think about risk costs that have to come out of their personal pockets, so the quality of work will be better.

It’s different if employees are not protected by insurance, they are always haunted by worries or anxiety that can reduce work concentration.

4. Increasing Employee Loyalty

Employees whose safety and comfort needs are met tend to be more loyal. Companies that give a lot to their employees, will get great loyalty in return. Employees are reluctant to leave a company that cares about employees.

5. Getting the Best Employees

Companies that offer insurance as part of their compensation have an easier time finding the best employees. Compared to companies that only provide salaries, companies that provide employee benefits in the form of insurance have greater appeal.

6. Benefits of Employee Insurance for Companies

By transferring risk coverage to an insurance company, the company can save a budget because it does not need to spend company money if an employee gets sick, has a work accident, or dies.

Now employee insurance benefits are available at NEXT, a special marketplace for employee benefits that presents various merchants.

Benefits of Employee Insurance at Next Insurance

Choose the type of insurance product that suits the needs of your company and employees at an affordable price but with optimal benefits.

Next is the leading employee benefits platform in Indonesia which also provides employee soft loans that are easy and fast. Various facilities to support employees’ work-life balance are also available here, such as self-development services, counseling, and medical examinations.

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