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Estate Agent: 4 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages Especially Beginners

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Estate Agent: Advantages and Disadvantages – Has it ever crossed your mind to sell your property and sell it yourself without the help of a real estate agent? Are you in the cities of Miami, Texas, New York, and Canada where housing development is booming making it difficult for you to sell your house?

Maybe you’re just focused on the amount of commission you’ll be billed at a later date, or it’s easier to sell yourself by posting the property on a buy-and-sell site and you can sort it out yourself.

This is actually reasonable and there is nothing wrong with the above considerations. But, have you ever thought how much hassle it would be to sell a property without using a real estate agent?

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

Before going any further, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the following Estate agent’s services.

Advantages of Using Property Agent Services

If you are just starting your real estate career and want to become a successful real estate agent then these tips are for you.

Selling Prices of Houses According to the Market

Price is an important element in selling a house. Often the price we want to sell is too high (overpriced) so the properties being sold are not selling well or are being sold too cheaply. Thus, property buyers will get quite a lot of benefits from your property.

By using the services of a property agent, the price of the property that you will sell is in accordance with the property market in the area. Every property agent must have conducted a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) before marketing their property.

Estate Agent Advantages and Disadvantages

Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is a process in which before a property agent offers your property to potential buyers, the property agent must compare prices with other people’s properties that have the same area and are located around your property.

Comparisons were made with 2-5 properties owned by other people who were also offered to buyers. This is to evaluate the selling price of the property that will be offered.

The property agent will ensure that your property is being sold at a fair market price so that it is not too expensive or too expensive, and not too cheap or too cheap either.

Possible Sold Faster

Each property agent has a database of potential buyers. This is of course an effective step because your property will be offered to potential buyers so you don’t waste time and effort in offering your property. In addition, property agents will usually market properties through various marketing channels, both offline and online, so you don’t have to worry about your property not being sold (worry-free).

Solve (Practical and Efficient)

When you work with a property agent in selling your property, every negotiation process and a unit appointment has been carried out by the property agent.

Your time is not disturbed by several incoming calls for questions and answers about the property being sold and you don’t have to go far to the location to show the unit because everything has been handled by your trusted property agent. You can use your free time to gather with your family or hang out with friends for refreshments.

Guarantee of the Legality of Property Sale and Purchase Transactions

In a property sale and purchase transaction, there are several requirements that must be met in order to transfer the name from the old owner to the new owner, including a Building Use Rights Certificate (HGB) or a Property Rights Certificate (SHM), Sale and Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB), Customs Acquisition of Land and Building Rights (BPHTB), proof of payment of Land and Building Tax (PBB).

If you haven’t done AJB, the owner is required to provide proof of binding sale and purchase (PPJB) accompanied by a statement of settlement from the developer and proof of payment of admin fees, etc.

By using the services of a trusted property agent, you don’t need to worry about the legality, because the property agent will check the validity of these documents to ensure their legality so that consumers feel safe and comfortable in buying their dream property.

To find out what the conditions for buying and selling a house are, see our article.

If you see some of the advantages above, maybe you will think that things will be easier if you work with a property agent. However, we still have to be selective in choosing a property agent.

First, find out the track record of the property agent and real estate agent who oversees it through social media or references from your colleagues. This is to prevent you from doing unwanted things.

Weaknesses Using Property Agent Services


Seeing the many advantages of using the services of a property agent is of course proportional to the amount of commission you have to pay after your property is sold. Actually, there is no significant loss in this case because your time and effort will be replaced by a real estate agent.

Then there must be positive feedback from every convenience you receive. It’s just that, a 2-5% commission for each sale and purchase transaction and a 5-8% commission for leasing transactions is often a burden for you, especially when you need money (BU).

At Ray White, every marketing agent is trained to negotiate. By using the services of a property agent who is an expert in negotiating, it is hoped that your property can be sold at the maximum price. With this high enough value, the commission you give shouldn’t be a problem.

Different Property Agent Competency

You have to be selective in choosing a property agent because each property agent has their own specialties. There are specialists in certain fields or specialists in certain types of property. If the property you are selling is outside the property agent’s specialty, this will affect your property sales performance.

Ray White has 4,000 property agents spread across 25 big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali, and even Kalimantan as candidates for the new capital city. All Ray White property agents are trained to be professionals in their work and specialists in their fields.

So you don’t need to worry because primary property listings are local to overseas and various local secondary property listings only exist at Ray White. You can even buy and sell houses or apartments overseas from any Ray White branch office in Indonesia.

Property Agent Bustle

As a property agent, of course, you don’t just market your property. Every property agent has a large number of property listings, sometimes property agents don’t focus on selling your property. Follow up regularly with your property agent so that a good relationship is established, and the property agent is more focused on selling your property.

At Ray White, the flurry that was feared would not happen. Why? Because property agents at Ray White have their own privileges. So, our property agents will only do listings according to their expertise or co-break with other property agents at Ray White who are more skilled in their fields. This is so that property agents can focus more on dealing with our clients.

Fraud Risk

Choosing a trusted real estate agent is not easy. Many real estate agents are unprofessional and tend to just want something from you without seriously selling the property. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing a real estate agent.

Make sure the property agent comes from a clear property agent and is officially registered as a member of a professional organization whose existence is recognized by the government, namely the Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association (AREBI).

Ray White is the best property agent that has been established for 23 years in Indonesia and is the number one trusted property agent in Indonesia and is registered as an AREBI member. Ray White has also won Top Brand Awards for 9 consecutive years from 2013 to 2021.

Ray White is very experienced and professional in the property sector in Indonesia, as well as property abroad. Ray White has 175 property agent offices spread across 25 major cities in Indonesia.

In addition, Ray White has an international network and has offices in Australia, Singapore, India and even the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about Ray White’s trust as your trusted property agent.

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