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7 Figures of International Entrepreneurs who Inspire Beginners

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7 Figures of International Entrepreneurs who Inspire Beginners – Anyone who wants to be successful materially, even if not all of them, but all of them need material things to have value.

International entrepreneur figures are not born in an instant way, they grow from life’s challenges and prove to the world that they have managed to survive in these conditions.

Innovation, creativity, and a desire to keep learning are the initial foundations for success, especially in business.

A skipper who wants to become an entrepreneur must equip himself with knowledge and not forget to reflect on the figure of a businessman who has made a big impact in the world.

7 Inspiring International Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs themselves mean individuals who are able to create businesses through creative thoughts (ideas) and how to process them (strategies). If the majority of rich people in the world are mostly entrepreneurs? Here’s the list:

John Lee

In first place is the author of Wealth Dragon Way named John Lee. A successful book author who started investing in property in his early 20s, John Lee expanded his business by establishing Wealth Dragons Group PLC as CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Wealth Dragons is the largest e-learning platform for business entrepreneurs worldwide. John Lee also has 1.6 million followers on social media Instagram and around 58 thousand subscribers (as of June 2020) on Youtube.

His reputation has increased when he is believed to be a world-class speaker on par with Bill Clinton, Alan Sugar, Jack Welch, Randi Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson.

Dan Lok

This Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur once proclaimed Siri as the “King of High-Ticket Sales” with various lines of business, from business consultants, and speakers to real estate experts.

His expertise was continued in his writings in the form of books that were successfully published, one of which was F.U Money, Influence, and Unlock It! selling well in the market.

Dan Lok’s Instagram followers reach 1.7 million and 2.78 million subscribers on Youtube. Challenging business journeys have earned Dan Lok respect in the digital marketing world

Tai Lopez

Entrepreneur Tai Lopez is an investment, partner, and advisor in more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

His book entitled “Podcast” is selling well in the market because it contains ways to balance life to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness. Having 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.3 million subs on Youtube makes him very rich and shares his knowledge with young entrepreneurs.

Grant Cardone

Next, there is Grand Cardone who has been named one of the 25 most-watched marketing influencers in 2017 by Forbes magazine. Cardone has appeared on various shows, such as Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC as a guest and commentator.

Cardone has 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. It doesn’t stop there, Cardone University conducts online sales training for more than 50 million users and 7 private companies are businesses built by Cardone.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee is well-known among young businessmen for capturing the world’s attention. A successful businessman, public speaker, and author of five New York Times bestsellers, he is well known today.

Gary Vee successfully founded a communications and modern media holding company called VaynaverMedia, a global advertising agency that provides services to Fortune 100 clients across 4 company locations.

As well as being a CEO, Gary is an investor with early investments in some of the world’s leading companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Venmo.

Elon Musk

Who hasn’t heard of Elon Musk? The Tesla CEO shocked the business world and was named the richest person in the world this year (2021). Apart from being CEO at Tesla, Elon has also held the same position at SpaceX and Neuralink.

7 Figures of International Entrepreneurs who Inspire Beginners

The types of businesses that are most active are technology, automotive, neurotechnology and space transportation. Elon Musk’s wealth is estimated at 24.1 billion USD or equivalent to Rp. 337.4 trillion. Such a fantastic nominal, so it’s no wonder that he won the title of the richest man in the world.

Jeff Bezos

Based on data from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index 2021 this October, Bezos’ wealth is US $ 202 billion. More fantastic figures than Elon Musk, so both of them have the strongest position to become the richest people in the world.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 and started his career at Fitel, a start-up in the financial telecommunications sector, and moved to Banker Trust, then investment firm DE Shaw & Co.

Success with Amazon, Bezos ventured into several big business sectors, such as space-based Blue Origin in 2000. He even bought The Washington Post in 2013 for US$250 million.

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