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6 Reasons for Termination of Employment

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6 Reasons for Termination of Employment – Currently, which companies are willing to voluntarily lay off their employees? However, if this is really necessary, there are guidelines on termination of employment that human rights activists should be aware of.

Laying off employees is not an easy thing for the company. Unfortunately, sometimes this is unavoidable.

Also, in today’s post-pandemic era, where many companies are experiencing a crisis and inevitably have to downsize.

In addition, there are also many other reasons that make companies have to lay off their employees.

However, before making the decision to terminate the employment relationship, there are several things that should be known.

What are they? To find out, come on, read the summary below until it’s finished!

6 Reasons for Termination of Employment

Before knowing the guidelines for terminating the employment relationship, it is necessary to know in advance what the reasons for the dismissal could be.

Perhaps you have been feeling that employee performance is not as expected. Although it’s disappointing, you also have to often ask yourself, is it okay to end your employment relationship on that basis?

Reasons for Termination of Employment

Well, according to The Hartford’s explanation, there are several categories of reasons for termination of employment, including:

  • Incompetence, that is, the lack of productivity or the poor quality of the work of employees.
  • Insubordination, that is, dishonest behavior or violating the rules established by the company.
  • Absences that are too frequent or unreasonably late.
  • Theft or criminal behavior, including trading trade secrets for inducement or with the intent to undermine.
  • Sexual harassment and discriminatory conduct in the workplace. Physical violence or threats to other employees.

The six reasons above can affect many things, not only in the sustainability of the company, but also in the company’s reputation in general.

Therefore, if you find an employee who has made one of the above mistakes, you have the right to terminate their employment after agreeing to a user agreement.

So why should the termination process be good?

Did you know? Why should the dismissal process be carried out properly and fairly?

This is done to avoid bad situations that could be detrimental to both parties: the employees or the company.

Find out the performance history of employees

The first guideline you should follow is to find out the performance history of the employees.

You need to see when employee performance starts to decline, as well as what factors underlie it. Therefore, make sure that the reasons for dismissals are based on recorded measurements.

For example, through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) or other methods of evaluating employee performance.

Prepare supporting data

The second guide to terminating employment is to communicate clear and measurable reasons.

In other words, you as HR need to collect data that explains the company’s considerations, which is why you need to make redundancies in the end.

For example, violations committed by employees, performance reviews, absences or other documents.

Prepare compensation money

When carrying out layoffs, companies are required to prepare and provide compensation money to employees.

Communicate this decision well

There are things to remember when making redundancies, namely that this action is based on good intentions.

In this case, the intention is to ensure the continuity of the company in the future, so it is better to communicate it in a good way.

Other than that, you need to remember that the way the company treats the employees while they work until the end of the employment contract can determine the reputation of the company.

Prepare a termination letter as an official notification tool

The guide for the termination of the last employment relationship, that is, the preparation of a termination letter as an official notification tool.

If the dismissal takes place during the probationary period, the letter is given at least 7 (seven) business days.

Every company has reasons for termination of employment with employees and business partners. So, don’t think that the company hates you, maybe the company gives you the opportunity to find a career in another company.

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