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6 How to Stop Shopping Addiction Online

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How to Stop Shopping Addiction Online – In this modern era, we can consume everything directly from the grip of a smartphone. Seeing this, it’s a good idea to learn how to deal with compulsive spending properly.

Have you ever been busy browsing or scrolling through e-commerce and then ended up buying every product you saw?

In fact, sometimes there are some people who are forced to shop by taking advantage of online loan service features or pay later when money conditions are running low.

So, you really need to avoid this condition as a compulsive spender.

According to Tirto’s explanation, compulsive spending is a condition when a person is unable to control their desire to stop shopping.

As a result, these people will continuously spend money just for shopping.

Of course, this bad habit should be avoided. Because, it will greatly affect your financial condition, starting from an extravagant lifestyle and barely enough funds to save.

How to Stop Shopping Addiction Online

However, what if it has become a habit? What steps do you need to follow to overcome compulsive spending?

Come on, see more in our summary below. Don’t forget to note it, okay!

How to Overcome Compulsive Spending

Distinguish productive and consumptive needs

The first tip for overcoming compulsive spending habits is to distinguish between productive and consumptive needs.

As previously explained, someone who has this shopping addiction condition will continue to spend without paying attention to the benefits.

How to Stop Shopping Addiction Online

This is because a compulsive spender does not understand the concept of productive and consumptive needs. Finally, every item that is not needed is still he bought.

Therefore, start distinguishing which goods are productive and consumptive needs. If there is a desire for consumer spending, you must be able to resist this desire.

Prioritize productive and primary needs first, so that when it’s payday you can buy it without running out of money.

Changing the mindset about spending and spending habits

The next tip for dealing with compulsive spending is to change your mindset about spending and spending habits.

Launching Minimalism Made Simple, changing your mindset can help you reduce consumptive spending.

For example, if you have thoughts of spending money, you will unconsciously do it.

In addition, always prioritize primary needs when shopping. When this need has been fulfilled, then use the remaining money to buy the ideal item.

Don’t let consumptive and productive spending be carried out at the same time, let alone prioritizing desires when managing finances.

Allocating finances with a fixed ratio

Another tip for dealing with compulsive spending is to allocate finances at a fixed ratio.

Allocating finances will make the financial management process easier and make you disciplined.

Of course, the distribution of finance for the expenditure allocation plan must be carried out with the same ratio every month.

For example, allocate around 50% for meeting basic needs or needs, 30% for savings and investment, and 20% for consumptive needs.

Always have a shopping list ready

Another tip for dealing with compulsive spending is to always prepare a shopping list.

By having a shopping list or a list of needs, you will be more focused and not overspending.

Therefore, try to write down all the needs or products that need to be met on a piece of paper or a notes application on a smartphone before going shopping.

Also make sure you stay disciplined and only buy items that are listed on the shopping list.

Prioritize payments with cash

The next tip for dealing with compulsive spending is to prioritize cash payments.

When shopping with cash, you will be better able to control expenses.

Why is that? The reason is, you will indirectly feel more lost than a credit card or paylater.

Payment with these two methods can also increase expenses, because you are forced to pay other fees, such as interest and administration fees.

Therefore, always prioritize using cash when shopping, OK?

Set financial targets in the future

The last way to deal with compulsive spending is to set financial targets for the future.

Having financial targets that you want to achieve in the future can help you reduce unnecessary expenses.

This is because the income you have will be more focused on achieving the desired target or goal.

For example, by saving to buy a house, you will directly reduce your spending habits to meet that goal. you don’t look for ways to shop on amazon, eBay, and Alibaba if you want to stop being addicted to online shopping.

So, here are some ways you can overcome your shopping addiction. Let’s apply it immediately!

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