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How to Manage Divorce With the Help of 1 Lawyer

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How to Manage Divorce With the Help of a Lawyer – The first way to arrange a divorce with the help of a lawyer is to provide a power of attorney to the attorney who has been selected. After that, the lawyer will help register the divorce suit and make the divorce suit.

In a divorce suit, the things that must be written are the reasons for the lawsuit, the sequence of events since your marriage took place, and existing legal events (for example the birth of a child) until a dispute arose between you and your husband which led to the divorce.

For this reason, according to the plaintiff’s or plaintiff’s attorney, they must first tell the reasons for what actually happened in the household. If with a lawyer he must tell the facts first.

How to Manage Divorce With the Help of a Lawyer

Because everything must be in accordance with the facts. After that, a lawsuit was filed. After registering a divorce suit, usually, the religious court will mediate first. If it has been mediated, the couple still wants a divorce, the divorce process is continued. And the next stage, the defendant and plaintiff must provide answers to the divorce suit.

At the next meeting, there will be a replica of the plaintiff. It’s already in the process of divorce. The plaintiff’s name is the suit. The plaintiff’s claim was answered by the defendant with the defendant’s answer.

How to Manage Divorce With the Help of a Lawyer

The answer is answered again which is called the plaintiff’s replica. After the plaintiff’s replica, it was answered again as a duplicate of the defendant. Well, after that next is the proof And the final conclusion.

For example, if a husband is caught cheating, the plaintiff must have evidence to prove that the husband is having an affair. Well, that’s what lawyers are for because of customs and so on.

Divorce management

Divorce management using a lawyer will make it easier for the party suing for divorce because not all divorce proceedings go smoothly. There are situations where the defendant, that is, the husband or wife, does not want a divorce.

We as lawyers are looking for ways so that their divorce does not take too long. So this judge is positioning himself as a neutral person, who basically doesn’t want a divorce if things aren’t too complicated.

So as lawyers, when a client comes and asks for divorce assistance, we first ask whether the party being sued also wants a divorce.

We will help before the trial process, we make it in advance, for example, a deed of agreement between the two parties, that both of them want a divorce. With lawyers, we can also help find mediation outside of court.

Using a lawyer to handle the divorce process can indeed make it easier for a husband or wife who wants a divorce. But that doesn’t mean this option doesn’t have its drawbacks.

Of course, compared to taking care of the divorce process yourself, taking care of a divorce using a lawyer requires a lot of money.

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