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4 Causes of Car Brakes Stuck, This How To Overcome The Easy And Cheap

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Causes of Car Brakes Stuck – Car brakes that jam and don’t work are certainly a thrilling nightmare for you. Because the brakes have a very large function when driving. Instead of chaos, it’s better to recognize the signs that the car’s brakes are not returning, aka traffic jams, and the solution.

Brakes not working or jammed can occur in all car brands including Buick, Cadillac, BMW, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Audi, Renault, Tesla, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, General Motors, Jeep.

Car brakes that jam while driving clearly make car drivers break out in cold sweat. Even though the vehicle is going fast on the highway, stuck car brakes certainly cause problems one after another. Even worse, unwanted accidents can occur simply because the car’s brakes don’t work.

Causes of Car Brakes Stuck

If you already understand the principle of this component, of course, you will not ignore the usual vehicle brake maintenance.

You see, this brake consists of various kinds of drive systems so that it can work optimally, just like other car parts. So, thorough maintenance must be carried out when the car’s brakes start to jam. Those are some signs that the car’s brakes don’t want to return that car owners need to know.

1. Brakes Start to Rust

Things that start to get rusty and dirty must be difficult to move, even the car’s brakes. Contact between the brakes and the road occasionally occurs, but dirt such as dust, mud, or soil can easily get into these components.

Causes of Car Brakes Stuck

The heat from UV rays and rainwater also causes brakes to rust easily. The car’s brake performance is also very heavy, as a result, vapor lock often occurs. A vapor lock is a condition in which air is trapped in the brakes, causing the iron in the brake system to rust easily.

This cause can be overcome by routinely cleaning the brake system. Do not let dirt in the brake system accumulate, making it difficult for this vital component to move.

2. The brakes have not been used for a long time

Brake components that have not been used for a long time also cause a decrease in their function. As a result, the brakes cannot work optimally due to temperature changes. This change can make the brakes rust easily, especially on the disc surface.

The condition of oil or oil in the brakes that have not been used for a long time also makes the boiling point lower. If so, you should inspect the brake system and replace the components with new ones.

3. Brakes have passed their useful life

Like other car components, brakes also have a service life, especially rubber seal-type brakes. The expiration date of the seal-type brake can be known from the rubber material which is starting to harden and stiffen.

As a result, the brake piston is only locked on one side resulting in a locked movement. This is one of the causes of the car’s brakes not returning which is marked by the difficulty of braking while driving.

We recommend that you replace the hard brake rubber with a new one so that the brakes can be moved again smoothly and don’t get stuck again.

4. Brakes are too tight when set

The final cause is the brake settings that are too tight. It should be noted, the brakes also need space, so don’t set it too tight.

Both disc and drum brakes must be considered for free play when adjusting. Also, check that there is tightness between the brake pads and the drum surface when installed. Both must have free space so that the brakes become more comfortable when driving.

If it is installed too tightly, just do a reset by paying attention to the level of density. Or you can take it to the nearest repair shop so that the settings are in accordance with the specified specifications.

Those are some of the characteristics of car brakes that don’t want to reverse that you should know. To fix it, it’s better to just trust the technicians at the nearest repair shop.

Suppose you want to do a routine service. If you don’t have time to take your car to a mechanic, feel free to order a car service. Visit a car dealer right now and get the latest car dealer for various types of after-sales service. You can schedule a visit here.

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