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Heavy Car Steering: Causes and How to Overcome It

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Heavy Car Steering: Causes and How to Overcome It – When the steering wheel feels heavy? this is sure to happen to old cars or cars that are often used on bad roads. Don’t worry, if you fix it right away it won’t drain your savings.

Cars made in America, Canada, England, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and India will definitely find the steering hard to turn.

Before you go on a trip, you should check the whole including the steering wheel because if the car is not comfortable to use, the driver will get emotional easily.

Well, in this article we will discuss the causes and ways to deal with heavy car steering. Read the article to the end so you don’t get scammed by a rogue repair shop.

Heavy Car Steering: Causes and How to Overcome It

Even though cars with automatic transmissions are proliferating more and more, that doesn’t mean cars with manual transmissions are being abandoned.

Heavy Car Steering Causes and How to Overcome It

However, some simple obstacles to controlling a manual car that often occur are the steering wheel. So what makes the steering wheel of a manual car feel heavy?

The manual steering of the car is difficult to control and feels heavy

In fact, even when this manual car is equipped with power steering? Here are some of them.

1. Lack of power steering oil

As mentioned above, the presence of power steering makes it easier for the driver to get behind the wheel of the car. However, in some cases, the power steering does not work properly.

One of the reasons is due to a lack of oil for the power steering. Also, if the car is used very intensively and for a long time. The power steering oil will decrease and if it runs out it will dry up. If this happens, be sure to immediately check whether or not the power steering oil has run out.

If it has changed color, immediately replace with new oil.

2. Pump for power steering

Aside from oil, the power steering pump part for manual cars is also often the cause of the car’s steering wheel feeling heavy. If the pump pressure is problematic and weak, then the hydraulic part is not working optimally for the power steering.

Therefore, have an immediate check at the nearest auto repair shop to determine if the pump part is damaged. If replacement is necessary, do so as soon as possible so that the power steering can function optimally.

3. The steering wheel component is damaged

A car steering wheel consists of several components that cannot be underestimated. Starting from the gear, pinion to seals. If one of the steering wheel components in this car is damaged, be sure to carry out an inspection as well.

One of the things that often happens to manual cars is a damaged steering rack and the car owner rarely finds out about it. If the steering rack is disturbed, it is not impossible for the steering wheel of a manual car to feel heavy.

Please replace this part immediately at your nearest auto repair shop to make sure the used car can work properly, especially the steering wheel.

4. Check the Long Tie Road of the car

Still related to steering wheel components, Long Tie Road time. On this component is a ball which is a hinge and works to connect the rack steering to the steering knuckle.

If this happens to your car, one way to do it is to replace it with a new Long Tie Road. Do not carelessly choose an auto repair shop to replace this component.

This is to ensure that the car can function properly in the future.

5. Condition of the tires

Another part to check is the condition of the car’s tires. Directly the performance of the steering wheel will affect the tires of the car. If the car tires are flat or even underinflated, this will affect the steering wheel of the car. One of them is that the steering wheel of a manual car feels heavy.

Therefore, whatever type of trip you are going to make, be sure to check the condition of the tires first. Make sure the tire pressure or the air in the tires is enough to travel.

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